Perk up, Buttercup

Our wellness challenge continues with a treat! When tasks linger on, days wear on us, and life needs a pick-me-up, we like to rely on energy boosting bites-of-goodness packed with natural ingredients that invigorate our moral, metabolism and mental state. And who doesn’t love a snack that’s shaped like a doughnut hole and tastes a little like cake batter? Our favorite, no-bake recipes include some of these powerhouse ingredients: 


Organic Chai Seeds: “Chai” in Mayan means “Strength” and the Mayans originally channeled the chai seed as an abundant and sustainable source of energy! One ounce of Chai Seeds contain 4 grams of protein and 11 grams of fiber. A little goes a long way with this rejuvenated super food. 

Nut Butters: Vitamin E, Protein, monounsaturated fats…all amazing things about nut butters that make them a heart healthy and substantial glue to many energy bites. 

Blue Agave: While agave nectar is still considered a sweetener and should be used modestly, this naturally super sweet sugar/honey substitute also contains nutrients that positively affect weight loss and cholesterol levels. 

Rolled Oats: These old-fashioned carbs are anything but flakey when it comes to healthy benefits. Oats are an amazing source of good carbs and fiber – two things that help maintain good metabolism and weight control. 

Some of our favorite, no-bake, energy bites! 

Coconut Pineapple Protein


Pumpkin Pie Energy Bites (perfect autumnal energy!)


Cake Batter Energy Bites

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 6.28.46 AM.png

Salty Sweet Energy Bites

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 6.29.55 AM.png

Coconut Chai Protein Quinoa Bites

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 6.31.53 AM.png


Green Envy

An Event That’s Beyond Yoga

We are so excited for a Trunk Show event starting on July 26th with a **FREE YOGA CLASS** and early trunk show access at The Forge Gym! Our trunk show features new yoga and athleisure apparel from Beyond Yoga and jewelry with gorgeous sacred symbolism by Satya. Don’t miss the coming together of two of our favorite brands with a powerful and optimistic vision. [event details here]

Beyond Yoga | “I live fully in my body and in the moment. I live my life beyond”

Beyond Yoga is a luxe athleisure and yoga apparel brand that goes beyond just clothing production. They are consciously producing clothing that makes you feel good, look good and is made with ethical practices. Made in the USA, Beyond Yoga pieces move you effortless from street to studio and are made comfortable for all body types. Their body positive perspective on the workout wear industry is refreshing and is represented so well in their figure flattering leggings, tanks and cool-weather layers. 



Satya Jewelry | “The Paths are Many, the Truth it is One.”

Satya Jewelry is hand crafted for the modern, fearless woman. Each piece symbolizes a truth or power, from creativity to perseverance to protection. Perfectly, “Satya” means “truth” in sanskrit. We love these Satya’s delicate gold and beaded layers and charms that add meaning and radiance to everyday embellishment. A percentage of Satya’s proceeds go to her namesake foundation, giving back to children’s charities across the globe. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 11.03.16 AM

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 11.02.51 AM

Nicole Chemi | E-RYT, YACEP

Nicole’s yoga practice began to bloom in 1997 after her first daughter was born. Using yoga to center and ground her new-mom lifestyle in turn was the springboard for her deeper practice and study of Yoga philosophy. In 2001 Nicole was certified as a Yoga instructor through The Yogalife Institute, an affiliate of The Yoga Institute in Mumbai, India. Nicole has taught yoga postures, meditation and philosophy to adults and children for over 17 years. She and her partner, Joe Finnery have owned their own yoga studio in Havertown, PA and have instructed over 120 individuals through a 10 month, 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training. 

Nicole is not only an established yoga instructor and practitioner but a certified Holistic Health Counselor and published author. Her life work is centered around helping people life happy, healthy lives full of energy and vitality. 

Nicole has taught Yoga at Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe Mountain Lodge, Studio Zenith, The Barn Gym, Zen Barn and The Forge Gym.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 11.06.04 AM

The Forge Gym | Waterbury Center, VT

The Forge Gym has taken off since it’s inception in 2017! Started by dynamic couple, Kyle and Heather Smith, The Forge is fortunate to have extensive knowledge and energy for physical fitness and health at it’s foundation. Their large, beautiful facility has been transformed into a comfortable, convenient, state-of-the-art place to work out everyday. From Yoga to HITT to abs to ski training, the Forge offers group and personal training classes for everyone. Enjoy a FREE yoga class at The Forge Gym on 7/26 from 7-8PM and shop our Beyond Yoga and Satya Trunk Show there from 6:30 – 9PM! 

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 1.06.46 PM

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 10.01.27 AM.png



More stretching, less stressing.

Stretch more, stress less. Stretching is a well-known and widely practiced routine that reduces common ailments. One major ailment of today’s society is STRESS, manifesting itself both physically and emotionally through anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, muscle tension and more. Starting your day with a quick stretch sesh can help greatly relieve built-up tension and stress and maintain good health. 

  • Boost Health – Stretching massages your internal organs, keeping the blood flowing and increasing movement that could warn you of potential internal issues sooner than if you hadn’t been stretching thoroughly. 
  • Keep Joints Limber – Target more than just the joints and muscles you use for daily tasks by doing full-body stretches each day. 
  • Enhance Flexibilty – Stretching every day will loosen tight muscles, making movements easier, with less strain. 
  • Keep a Sharp Mind – Certain stretching boosts cognitive function which in turn will help with memory and focus. 
  • Loose Weight and Tone Muscle – Stretching dormant muscles helps shed excess fat. Easy peasy. 
  • Lower Anxiety and Depression – Stretching increases the flow of chemicals in the brain that combats depression. We can be happy about that! 
Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 2.01.24 PM
Shop stretch-worthy athleisure apparel! 

We like stretching to start each day and help slowing increase muscle movement and blood flow. Whether you stretch first thing, post workout or multiple times a day, remember to keep your muscles warm and stretch gently to avoid injury! 




“Sit” and be fit.

We love an exercise that you can do anywhere, with no equipment and gain fast results. Enter, the squat. This efficient movement is most well-known for it’s glute region benefits, but adding squatting into your workout or daily routine has more perks than you may think!

  • Prevents Injury.  They say, lift with your legs, not your back. The squat is a real-life movement that we think deserves extra attention to maintaining. We squat to get in and out of our desk chairs, to pick up our littles (to pick up anything!) to reach that gallon of milk on the bottom shelf. Exercising and strengthening this motion will help you avoid silly injuries that could occur doing everyday tasks. 
  • Full Body Benefits. The squat engages your core, calves, glutes, quads and hamstrings, making the squat a powerhouse movement that works several important muscles at once! EXTRA: Try a sumo squat (wider stance, toes pointed slightly out) to activate the inner thigh muscle more heavily!
  • Improves Your Balance. Fine tuning your core and major leg muscles will keep your body more stable as you move through your day. EXTRA: If your body weight squats are becoming easy (bravo!), try squats on a bosu ball. The soft surface and variability of movement will engage more muscles! 
  • Burns Calories. You may not burn the same as you would during a job, but don’t underestimate squats for their calorie burning benefit! EXTRA: Add a jump into your squat movement and really feel the burn. Remember to land softly and in one fluid motion. 


The key to gaining maximum benefits and preventing injury while performing any exercise, including squats, is to make sure you have correct form. See the image and link below for helpful tips!


If you need a good starting challenge, here’s a starting point! 


Happy squats ladies!



Suck it up. Drink your water.

Everyone feels the effects of Monday. One way to fight it, drink more water! 💦 Drinking the proper amount of aqua (starting with a nice cool 16oz glass each morning) helps boost energy, fight mood swings, banish bloating (hallelujah!) and flush out toxins inside and out (healthy kidney, healthy skin!). We’ll drink to that!


Looking to heighten a specific benefit of drinking water? Add in some nutrients! Infusing your water with a combination of fruits and vegetables will punch up the powerhouse effects of staying hydrated.



Start today! A healthy habit takes 21 days to become a routine, and there’s no better day to start. Do you need a vessel of motivation? We have a plethora of gorgeous, stylish S’well bottles, perfect for making your water challenge chic and cool. 

Happy hydrating! 



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S’well // Chic Hydration + The Perfect Gift!

In an era of innovative fitness trends, changing diet fads and a constant influx of athleisure fashion, there’s one variable that stays constant throughout – HYDRATION. Whether you are into yoga, running, cycling, crossfit, lounging, teaching or mom-ing, S’well’s stainless steel bottles are perfect for keeping you hydrated and on-trend. These vessels are seen on the desks of women at Vogue and in the hands of celebrity career moms such as Jennifer Garner. Plus, on the heels of Earth Day, we think that this reusable, super-chic bottle is worthy of a highlight!

S’well was founded with a call-to-action to lower the number of plastic bottles on earth. This woman-owned company (one of the fastest growing in the country! A $100 million-dollar brand) thought if she could make a water bottle as chic as it is functional, more people would be inspired to put down the plastic, disposable bottles and use S’well. Eight years later, and S’well is making big dents in the number of bottles NOT reduced to waterways and landfills. 

Besides boasting eco-friendly goals and sleek style, S’well can brag about these patented functionalities: 

  • Keeps cold beverages cold for 24 hours
  • Keeps hot beverages hot for 12 hours
  • Boasts a triple-wall Therma-S’well exterior that holds in condensation
  • Constructed from BPA-FREE 18/8 Stainless Steel

Swell_SS18_Social8FullSizeRender (5).jpg^ The Liberty London floral fabrics are iconic. Bright, beautiful and intricately rendered. We think the Liberty S’well collaboration is perfect for Spring…and Mother’s Day! Fill with water, lemonade or your favorite protein shake…and head to the beach, lake or studio.

FullSizeRender (5)^ The Roamer took a giant step forward in the S’well brand. This large growler-sized bottle is perfect for road trips, day trips, beach days (don’t forget the perfect beach bag!) and all-day sporting events with the littles. With an impressive 40 oz capacity, the Roamer still shares the same functionality as it’s classic S’well siblings. Keep yourself ultra-hydrated or go ahead and share your beverage with others! 

swellsocial_angelfoodeeab590f03ff8051d3b6419ef552357fOne of our favorite summer-time uses of S’well? COCKTAILS, of course! The 25 oz bottles hold an entire bottle of wine. We suggest you test that out, or try these staff drink picks:

MG_3547-copy55caab25695cfa6ff4c0b60da625f923.png^ Put your craft beer, prosecco or mixed drink into a larger S’well or Roamer and bring some S’well Tumblers along for sharing! 

Outfit your outings and accessorize your outfits with S’well!  Shop these NEW styles of S’well and so many more at our boutique in Stowe, Vermont. 

Happy hydrating. 


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2018: Comfortable, Confident Style + Clean Beauty

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Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 12.34.29 PM

We all love (see also: NEED) a restart. An opportunity to rejuvenate our routines, wardrobe, diet, etc. Since 2018 started on a Monday and the Olympics are only one month away, we think it’s the perfect opportunity to start anew, get motivated and pull it together. I like to start each day by stretching and doing some variation of a quick but effective workout or yoga sequence.


Now is as good a time as any to start routines that help you feel great, boost energy and make you the best you.  And let’s be honest, sometimes the motivation you need is something new to wear to your 6AM workout or a luxe skincare routine to look forward to after you sweat out the toxins. Keep reading for our wardrobe and skincare trends and picks for a new year and fresh start. 

Shop All Leggings by Beyond Yoga, Free People Movement, Sundry, Monrow and more! 

ATHLEISURE. Our favorite trend turned lifestyle. Anyone else partake in “it-totally-seemed-worth-it-at-the-time” dietary excessiveness over the holidays?? My favorite pair of skinny jeans does not have the ease and stretch I remember. Enter: the high-waisted legging. We are fully embracing this seriously stylish trend-that-keeps-on-trending. Transition effortlessly from one daily activity to the next – from morning savasana to ski-day base layer, warm and sleek workday essential, to apres ski chic. The legging has you covered and comfortable. This wardrobe workout doesn’t end with leggings, though. Top with a statement hoodie in plush fleece or cozy cashmere for a luxe look. Race to the finish with sleek track pants adorned with nostalgic side stripes – pair with a heel, top with cashmere. Sporty chic stripes, wide leg trouser-esque sweats and sneakers are all starters in the 2018 athleisure game. Go team. 

Shop the Cecily Hooded Chunky Knit Sweater by Generation Love


Shop The Sundry Stripe Flare Pant
Shop the Sundry Stripe Track Pants

Shop ALL Athleisure by Z Supply, Free People Movement, Beyond Yoga, Joie and more! 

SNEAKERS. Comfort that goes with everything. My leather slide sneakers are all I reach for these days. They’re effortless with denim, create a chic athletic look with your high-waisted leggings, easily transition your joggers from lounge to lifework, and give your classic pencil skirt an elevated update. If your ankles are feeling a draft, step up to a sleek high top with a profile that closes the hemline gap but won’t bog you down like a snow boot. When necessity calls for something to take you from house-shuffler to errand-runner, opt for a sherpa or fur-lined suede slide. Cozy as a slipper, practical as a sneaker. And with all of the fringe, metallics, seasonal colors (think blush and navy!) and platform soles, you won’t be limited in your statement making styles this year. 

Shop the Warren Suede Platform Sneaker by Vince (on sale!)
Shop the Wedgie Hidden Heel Sneaker by Steve Madden (NEW – only $89!)
Shop the Laurant High Top by Miz Mooz
Shop the Verrell Shearling Lined Slide by Vince

Shop All Sneakers by Vince, M4DE, Superga, Steve Madden and more!

SKINCARE. Take care of your temple. Now is the time to take stock of what you’re putting in and ON your body. It is, after all, your temple! It’s true that what you put into your body can manifest itself onto your skin. So while you put forth effort into aggressive 3-week dietary cleanses, smarter shopping at the grocery store, drinking more water, wholesome cooking habits, and preparing fortifying meals, we suggest simultaneously detoxing your beauty routine to keep the inner glow shining through. Green your routine with Tata Harper’s all-natural, skincare regimen that boasts non-toxic, powerhouse products to use from head to toe. Made in Vermont, Tata’s face and body products quench parched winter skin, melt away imperfections and buildup and bring to the surface your inner illumination.  We love this line for so many reasons – read about our individual favorites below!

Shop all of our favorite no-tox solutions to anti-aging, dry skin, blemishes and more. 

Sarah’s Pick – Nourishing Body Oil – Ultimate head-to-toe moisturizer for dry skin, smells amazing and goes on as light as air. Apply directly after showering to damp skin or before bedtime. One of my favorite daily routines! SHOP Revitalizing Body Oil

Liz’s Pick – Regenerating Cleanser – Gentle enough for everyday use and leaves my skin feeling so fresh and clean. SHOP Regenerating Cleanser

Stormi’s Pick – Clarifying Mask – Makes my face feel clean and soft. Tingles after applied – you can tell it’s working and it’s so refreshing! Powerful enough to help with imperfections and never leaves my face dry. Plus it has a fun (natural) old-school green mask color! SHOP The Clarifying Mask

Mary Lou’s Pick #1 – Nourishing Oil Cleanser – Lightweight super-moisturizer that won’t leave your skin greasy.  And it’s a powerhouse makeup remover! SHOP Nourishing Oil Cleanser

Mary Lou’s Pick #2 – Illuminating Eye Cream and Moisturizer – Feels and looks so healthy and adds a natural glow. SHOP Illuminating Eye Cream and Moisturizer

Join us next week for an awesome event to kick off the new year! 


2018 is calling for confident, smart, comfortable fashion and clean beauty routines.

Be the best you this year.