More stretching, less stressing.

Stretch more, stress less. Stretching is a well-known and widely practiced routine that reduces common ailments. One major ailment of today’s society is STRESS, manifesting itself both physically and emotionally through anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, muscle tension and more. Starting your day with a quick stretch sesh can help greatly relieve built-up tension and stress and maintain good health. 

  • Boost Health – Stretching massages your internal organs, keeping the blood flowing and increasing movement that could warn you of potential internal issues sooner than if you hadn’t been stretching thoroughly. 
  • Keep Joints Limber – Target more than just the joints and muscles you use for daily tasks by doing full-body stretches each day. 
  • Enhance Flexibilty – Stretching every day will loosen tight muscles, making movements easier, with less strain. 
  • Keep a Sharp Mind – Certain stretching boosts cognitive function which in turn will help with memory and focus. 
  • Loose Weight and Tone Muscle – Stretching dormant muscles helps shed excess fat. Easy peasy. 
  • Lower Anxiety and Depression – Stretching increases the flow of chemicals in the brain that combats depression. We can be happy about that! 
Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 2.01.24 PM
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We like stretching to start each day and help slowing increase muscle movement and blood flow. Whether you stretch first thing, post workout or multiple times a day, remember to keep your muscles warm and stretch gently to avoid injury! 




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