Mama Loves Jewelry

Mama loves jewelry. Whether you are a tee-and-jeans mom, workout-attire-24/7 mom, full-hair-and-makeup-to-hit-the-grocery-store mom, or a silk-and-heels career mom, jewelry remains the pivotal piece of style, symbolism and sentiment that every mother covets. And jewelry, needless to say, always fits, always shines and never disappoints.

Our selection is unique and refined…and includes the exotic to the nautical, edgy to boho, and everyday pieces to statement.  Here’s a peak at some of our favorite designers (all fabulous powerhouse women!) who mom may love:

Ela Rae, New York, New York.

Refined. Bohemian. Confident.

Ela Rae is a New York City based designer with global vision. The look of the line is modern bohemian, a style that empowers and embellishes the beauty of the wearer.  The Ela Rae woman is carefree, confident and loves a layered look, complete with earthy gems, elegant diamonds and a mix of metals. 

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Robindira Unsworth, Northern California.

Luxe. Eclectic. Powerful. Exotic.

A California dreamer with an early maternal influence in the fashion industry, Robinira is now an international brand, boasting the trendsetter title by Elle, Bazaar, the New York Times and Oprah. Jewelry creation has had a profound impact on Robindira’s life, enabling her to touch people with pieces that signify and radiate power and beauty. Robindira’s hand-crafted pieces are favorites of Jennifer Aniston, Kathryn Heigl and Kate Winslet. 

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Anna Beck. Bali, Indonesia/Los Angeles, CA (SHOP)

Culturally inspired. Sophisticated. 

Anna Beck (a name derived from the founder’s given name, Becky Anne) has been a Green Envy favorite and staple for years. Made by talented artisans in Bali, Indonesia, Anna Beck’s designs are intricately hand-made in traditional cultural processes using the finest metals and precise craftsmanship. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, often recognized for its tiny disc and rope-rim detailing. We all own and love our Anna Beck pieces! Her necklaces and bracelets are perfect for layering, versatile enough to mix and match. AB’s statement rings are ultra chic, adding style to any outfit. As stand-alone jewelry, each piece is sophisticated, refined, and globally inspired, perfect to pair with a little black dress or your favorite tee and boyfriend jeans. 



Colby Davis. Boston, Massachusetts (SHOP)

Coastal. Meaningful. Timeless. All-American.

Colby Davis of Boston is the creative business of a positive and ambitious mother-daughter(s) team, sharing a love for the New England coast and designing beautiful keepsake jewelry that can be handed down generation to generation.  Their bold and classic pieces are made from fine sterling silver, glass and enamel combinations and are all hand-crafted in the USA. Colby Davis jewelry is the perfect gift for any mom, as each pendant is engraved with special words of encouragement, love and purpose – from an angel’s presence to the grounding of home to a US Military motto. 




Go spoil the MOM in your life! She deserves it. 




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