Sucked In // A Facial Cupping Experience

THANK YOU to everyone who came to our Tata Harper Facial Cupping event in store last week! In case you missed it and are still curious, here’s how it went…



I’ve had cupping done before on my back so knew and loved the benefits – and was familiar with the infamous bruising. I was confident the procedure would be entirely different (i.e. no bruising!) as a facial, but wasn’t sure how the benefits would compare. I am always ready to try the latest and greatest product or facial procedure, so I sat in the chair with my wintery pale face and puffy eyes, eagerly awaiting the esthetician’s treatment.

Nik is highly trained in the art of facial cupping. I was in the best hands, literally.  He began with Tata’s Refreshing Cleanser to prime the canvas for the little suckers.  After a brief facial massage, I was already relaxed and getting my glow on. He followed with Hydrating Floral Essence and then topped with Beautifying Face Oil, which provides a smooth, silky surface allowing the facial cups to work their magic effortlessly.

For the next several minutes, he used a rhythmic technique of quick but vigorous strokes, gently moving from the center of my face outward, lightly stimulating the muscles and initiating blood flow. He used a variety of facial cup sizes designed for different areas of the face. It was so relaxing. Like little fish kisses all over my face!

The concept of facial cupping is to stimulate circulation, retrieve and remove toxins and revive the skin with fresh blood and nutrients, thus creating a healthy, youthful glow. At the end of my treatment, I have to say, cupping delivered on its promise! I looked completely refreshed and alert, and felt revived. So revived, in fact, that I promptly took my fresh face out of the chair and over to the Green Envy denim wall where I found the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans to compliment my new relaxed look.

Haven’t tried Tata Harper all-natural products before? Stop in and let us walk you through some of our favorites or test product for yourself! Don’t forget to ask when our next Tata Harper event will be! 


Green Envy


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