Motivation Monday: Keep Moving.

I have the resolve to keep my New Year’s resolutions for roughly a week. Then the excuses pour forth. I was resolved to go to the gym 4 days each week. I’ve gone a total of 3 days. It’s January 15th. Please don’t do the math. Life gets hectic and priorities change on the daily. Time flies, small crises arise, you spend your spin class budget on dinner and drinks with friends… (This is a judgement free zone, friends.)  The key is to not let it get you down, but look forward to the next opportunity to become a better you.  Sometimes it may take a little extra to motivate you…a new pair of leggings for your spin class, or a perfect-fitting pair of jeans to show off  your hard work. (You could even pop in a pair of gold studs to sport during or after your workout.)

Regardless of how well [or not well] you are sticking to your resolutions this year – don’t quit! Keep moving.


Remember, the turtle won the race, not the rabbit. It’s not about your pace, it’s about your persistence and steadfast commitment to keep pressing forward, even when you may stumble. Fly, walk, run, crawl – go pursue this week one forward motion at a time.

Happy Monday.


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