perfect pair of jeans

Or rather, the search for the perfect pair of jeans.  I’m always searching for that perfect pair.  Maybe that’s why my closet has a few too many pairs folded on my shelves! 🙂  You know what I mean right?  The one that will fit perfectly, go with everything and be right for any occasion.  But the true sense of a perfect pair is how it makes me feel.  You reach for them when you’re in a rush, or don’t know what else to wear.  They just work and you wear them for days at a time.  I know there are many other things more important in this world than jeans, but some days we all need a little boost.

With so many styles these days how do we choose?  One of the most universally flattering styles is the straight leg, medium denim wash, not too faded.  Length is up to you, but I prefer just above my ankle, better to show off spring booties, sandals or sneakers.  Or you could try the skinny boyfriend, an easy, wearable update to the  classic baggy boyfriend cut.

Here are a few options from our denim wall:  goldsignframe7 for all mankind.

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